5 Tips in Reducing the Air Freight Cost

As doing importing and exporting goods, most people exactly want the fastest and the trusted one. That’s why most of them will pick to use air freight rather than the sea freight. This happens because air freight only needs one or two days for delivering your goods, while sea sometimes needs a month to do that. Moreover, when it comes to reliability, air freight less often get delayed when compared to the sea freight. All these benefits then makes air freight cost will be so much higher than other freights. Some of you may think of how to reduce air freight cost, so this is what you need to do! – (Read about Karratha freight services)

Air Freight Services

Things You Need To Do in Reducing Air Freight Cost

  1. Do shipping on off-peak days

There are actually several ways of how to reduce air freight cost, one of them by shipping you goods on off-peak days. Friday normally becomes an off-peak days due there are loads of costumers doing shipping on Thursday; therefore, it will be shelved on Friday. Moreover, Mondays also becomes a low-volume days.  By shipping on off-peak days, you can get potential savings up to 10%.

  1. Night Pick-up

Another ways to get less cost in air freight shipping is by having a night pick-up. You probably can save about 15 up to 20% of its standard rates. It happened because it may provide carriers an occasion in making your load becomes a backhaul by offering pick-up times as other shippers already closed the dock at 6 up to 12 p.m.

  1. Rise Delivery Lead Times

Another way of how to reduce air freight cost is by increasing the delivery lead times. In doing shipping, you can explain your plain to the supply chain and provide clear information about your loads. One of the expensive costs for carrier is paying for its services. Having a better plan will allow the carrier reduce several costs.

  1. Develop Your Relationship with freight company

If you already doing international shipping, it will be so much easier for you as thinking of how to reduce air freight cost. As you want to do international shipping, it will be so much better for you to use the same air freight company. This is so important because it can develop your relationship with that freight company. You can cooperate and make a long-term contract of this company, so they can offer you better rates about 3-5% each year. Besides, you also can have better services as well.

  1. Decrease Dunnage

As doing shipping, several products commonly need strapping, air bags, bracing, or blocking in order to avoid them knocking during the long-distance trip. However, you can ask carriers in helping you reduce that dunnage, so it can decrease your shipping costs without having a damage. You can save about 1 up to 3 % of reducing dunnage.

Ideas for Reducing Freight Cost

Those are several ways of how to reduce air freight cost. You can follow those five tips for freight cost reduction. However, there are also other ideas that you can do for reducing air freight cost. First, you can minimize the pallet sizes as shipping your goods. Never put a small stuff in a large box cause it can cost you more. Otherwise, you can ship a lot of goods at once, rather than shipping it on different day. That’s what you need to do if you get confused if how to reduce air freight cost.