Contours Lite Stroller, Tangerine

I bought this stroller after reading many reviews on lots of light weight strollers, and felt this was the best match for us. It came in and when I pulled it out of the box, I could already tell it felt cheap. I put it together and gave it a chance, but I ultimately decided to return it, and thanks to amazon it was very easy to do.

Contours Lite Stroller

I returned it based on list of cons, here are both pros and cons IMO


  • easy to turn
  • easy to assemble
  • very light weight
  • has an adult cup holder
  • decent size bottom storage basket
  • has a cup holder and tray for baby
  • cool color


  • felt cheap
  • shade was flimsy (it was ok, not horrible)
  • baby tray sat really high, it was at baby’s eye level!
  • not a fan of the string pull type mechanism for chair recline
  • adult cup holder is in an awkward inward position, a bottle or large drink would be in the way of the handle
  • not one handed fold, you need 2 hands to pull up on each side of the handle
  • for a small light weight stroller it did not fold up small at all, compared to a full size it folded a little “shoter” but it was just as “thick”
  • lacking seat padding, didn’t feel cushioned or soft enough to me
  • straps did not go small enough, the lowest setting was still about 2 inches too short for us.

Ultimately I decided there wasn’t a good light weight stroller that had all the features I needed, and ended up buying a full size stroller, a Chicco Cortina in “lemonata”.

I do think the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe would have been the best match as far as features (had alot more adult tray space, a more upright position, and a drop under basket for easy access while in full recline), except the BabiesRUs only carried it in the “travel system” (with infant car seat) in their store, and I didn’t need that, they only had some ugly flannel and denim prints, and I was able to use a coupon. guess I should add that into a review of those strollers here, lol.